Need For Speed – The Run. Sound Design

The following videos show how the Art Director of the game NFS Run, Charles Deenan did the sound design for the game.
The microphone positioning, number of microphones and the mix of the sound is inspiring to us audio engineers.

Brian Tyler, the Music composer for the game tells us the techniques and the various methods he used to add reality to the game.
“You start with the basics, you start with writing a theme” I think this is very important in any production.
He talks about mix mix of cinematic music, orchestral mixed with edgy american music.
Cybele Pettus, the Sr. Music supervisor talks about the selection of the music tracks in the game. The music was selected to fit the vibe of the game. In the NFS Run, the feeling of the American culture is shown with the selection of music. The game is about a run across America, what would an they be listening to while doing the same? After listening to a lot of music, the tracks were carefully selected to be in the game.

he also talks about frequency pocketing, as the sounds of the cars and the ambience along take up most of the frequency spectrum, he hence has made the music selectively based on specific cars and their frequency responses. At certain points, he uses silence at the slow motion scenes.
The audio team has done a great job with the sound design, I have played the game and this video gives me a deeper insight of the sound design