Radio Advertisement Jingles in India

Radio Advertisement Jingles in India


What is a Radio Jingle?

Those short, catchy tunes you hear in between the songs played on the radio while you’re driving down town, sipping your morning coffee, at malls and almost everywhere. Radio is an age old wireless information broadcasting medium and it still has a large presence amongst the Indian audience. Has this happened to you? You’re in traffic, driving to office amidst the motor cycles, rickshaws, PMT busses and all the honking is only making the situation worse. You crank up the volume knob on your car stereo and all of a sudden you hear a voice in your head singing “Washing powder nirma!” over and over and it just won’t leave your mind no matter how hard you try and now you want to head to the mall and restock on some laundry stuff.
That is what a perfect radio production does, It enters your brain and just won’t leave! Since the 1930’s and 1940’s radio was the only source of family entertainment

radio-advertisement-indiaThe Perfect Radio Jingle

The perfect radio jingle tunes have a perfect balance of slogan, script, call to actions and a memorable ear catching melody that stays in the minds of the audience creating brand awareness, promotion and most importantly increasing sales. A well written radio jingle script will have the following qualities:

  1. Original Catchy Melody.
  2. Accurate description of a product or a service.
  3. Balanced levels.
  4. Interest in the sound with accurate use of effects.
  5. Short and Sweet.

On Christmas eve in the year 1926 in Minneapolis, General Mills was on the verge of discontinuing their breakfast cereal, although they aired a jingle with an a cappella group singing a catchy tune about the General Mills breakfast cereal. The jingle was aired nation wide and the company made hefty sales, so many that Wheaties is found in almost every kitchen in the United States.

radio advertising jingle indiaAn advertisement jingle can boost the sales, growth, brand recognition of a business and bring new customers. Its a great way to launch a new product like Real Estate Projects, Clothing, Restaurants, Events and more. The very easy to remember jingles can be compared to nursery rhymes, as we have grown up enjoying nursery rhymes, our brain easily grasps the information as it is one of the first few things you started to learn growing up. The recognition pattern is burnt in our brains, hence jingles have a great impact when made simple, clean, easy to remember, crisp vocals and a proper audio engineer mix and master to deliver a ear candy sound to the audience. An awesome advertising should get your attention, get into your brain and stay there for years.

Is it scientifically proven by psychologists and neurologists that music which has a strong emotional connection with the listener is not easy to forget.

We produce high quality Jingles in India for you business / services according to your requirements. Our studios are located in Australia, Singapore, Mauritius, UK and India, this helps us give you the highest quality results. If you are looking to get some radio jingles samples, We’d love to hear from you!

Update on JUL-12-2016:
Samples, We have a huge sample list of our past projects on radio production for channels all over India and some in USA, do ask me and We’ll send you a portfolio that matches your requirement for a better insight in the production quality.
All our productions are done in custom calibrated acoustical studios for the best quality voice, with proper Mix-Down, I put a high priority on the quality of the production. With Hi-Resolution Lossless recordings at high sampling and bit-rates we guarantee only the best quality Master.
Our final delivery in provided in lossless wave, aiff along with a mp3 version for convienience of auditioning.

Update: June 27, 2017
Contact us at +91-9422001800 for insights in your next production.

Update: July 18, 2017
Contact us for radio production samples.

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