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Make a Budget Production, Mixing Studio from 10,000

Setup a Basic Studio Mixing, Production.   With ATH-M20x Monitor Headphones: INR: 12,541/- With KRK Monitors: INR: 35,422/- My on the Go Setup…
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Music Production Tips on Mixing – Panning

Achieving Width and making use of Panorama in your Mixes. Shown Above: The pan pots on Ableton live turned all the way to…
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Music Production course Jan 2018

We are happy to announce the intake dates for the January 2018 batch for the following courses: Electronic Music Producer Certificate with expertise…
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5 Ableton Live Shortcuts

Get your work done faster with these Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstation Software's shortcuts. 1: CMD + , - Ableton Preferences 2: CMD…
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