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Recording The Sounds of Kodai

I set out with the H4N portable stereo sound recorder, mac and a backpack on November 3rd, 2019 from Pune. Wanting to record the sounds of Nature, Animals, Birds, People and places in Kodaikanal, Vattakanal. I fly from Pune to Hyderabad at 11:45 and wait for my connecting flight from Hyderabad to Madurai. Delays and […]

Make a Budget Production, Mixing Studio from 10,000

Setup a Basic Studio Mixing, Production.   With ATH-M20x Monitor Headphones: INR: 12,541/- With KRK Monitors: INR: 35,422/- My on the Go Setup consisting of: Monitors: KRK Rokit 5s Audio Interface: Scarlett 2i4 Headphones: Sennheiser HD280 Pro Microphone/Interface with Line In: Samson G-Track Driver: Mac Book Pro 13 with 8Gigs and an i5. Others: A […]

Music Production Tips on Mixing – Panning

Achieving Width and making use of Panorama in your Mixes. Shown Above: The pan pots on Ableton live turned all the way to left on CH.1 right on CH.2¬† and rest set some at extreme and some at mid and at 25% values. Extreme panning can cause phase issues if not heard for, make sure […]

Music Production course Jan 2018

We are happy to announce the intake dates for the January 2018 batch for the following courses: Electronic Music Producer Certificate with expertise in Ableton Live 9, 10 Pro Tools Reason Logic X Pro Cubase Adobe Audition Singer-Songwriter Course (Advanced) This course is designed for the well-versed musician¬†who is able to compose, play and arrange […]

5 Ableton Live Shortcuts

Get your work done faster with these Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstation Software’s shortcuts. 1: CMD + , – Ableton Preferences 2: CMD + T – Crates a new Audio Track, CMD + SHIFT + T – Creates a new Midi Track. 3: TAB – This Key toggles between the Session View and The Arrangement […]