About Me

About Me

Hailing from India, SIddhesh (Sidd) Scindia is a driven, eclectic and charismatic artist and audio engineer also known by his stage name, Fiazio. He studied in Singapore(SAE, Mixing Engineer, Producer) and Australia. (SAE) Through the years, Fiazio set out to refine his talents within the audio industry; learning to operating a DAW and master music with the manual, exploring areas as diverse as recording, mixing and binaural beats research. All this knowledge is also infused within the artist’s own blend of influences such as deep house, EDM, rap and Tech House. His approach to sound is all about connecting with the listeners through great hooks, relatable energy and a powerful low end that makes the dance floor shake! Find out more and let the music tell you the rest of this story

Born in the city of Pune, Maharashtra, India in 1991, Siddhesh has been fond of sound since birth. He always tried to pick out the various instruments in a song as a young boy. One day, he came across a software that was going to make him follow his dreams. Siddhesh Scindia has been working on audio recording, mixing since the age of 11. He has with time, worked with many artists in India, Singapore, USA, UK, China, Australia.
His first love remains sound, but along with it his interests in other creative media such as video recording, photography, graphic design, web design, computer security grew and now he has work experience in all the various creative media fields.
Siddhesh has pursued audio engineering from the School Of Audio Engineering in Singapore along with Photography and Video Production.He has designed websites for various clients across the world.

His aim in life is to make a change with the use of all the types of media, he believes that life is an experiment and every experience teaches a new lesson in life.


… and I love to give gifts!