5 Ableton Live Shortcuts

Get your work done faster with these Ableton Live Digital Audio Workstation Software’s shortcuts.

1: CMD + , – Ableton Preferences

2: CMD + T – Crates a new Audio Track, CMD + SHIFT + T – Creates a new Midi Track.

3: TAB – This Key toggles between the Session View and The Arrangement View in Ableton.


4: Transport Bar:
SPACE BAR – This Plays and Stops the play head, when pressed again, the track will being playing again from the start of the selected position on the arrangement, pressing SHIFT+SPACE will continue the track (resumes) from where it was paused.

5: CMD + K, CMD + M: These let you assign any Key on the keyboard (CMD + K) to the available controls, and CMD + K will let you assign controls to any midi controller.


There are many shortcuts that make the production workflow on ableton very smooth and fast, try these and let your workflow flourish!