The RAVEN X1 Production Console by Slate

January 19th, 2012
Anaheim, CA
NAMM 2012 Hall A #6921

In 2011, Slate Digital released the Virtual Console Collection, a DSP plugin that authentically recreates the sound of five legendary vintage analog consoles. Using this plugin, audio engineers can finally have the warm, fat, and rich sound of a classic mixing desk in their DAW. However, as much as the Virtual Console Collection can recreate the sound of a vintage desk, it cannot recreate the workflow or tactile control that a physical desk provides.

Enter the Slate Pro Audio RAVEN X1 Production Console

The RAVEN X1 Production Console is made for the new age of audio production, with innovative features that meet the needs of the modern audio engineer in the modern DAW-based recording studio. Whether it’s tracking, overdubbing, composing, mixing, or mastering a 5.1 DVD, the Raven X1 is equally capable in all aspects of production.


At the heart of the Raven X1, we put the three most important elements of the modern DAW studio: The Display, the Mouse, and the Keyboard. But this is just the beginning. The center console of the RAVEN X1 provides every necessity for the modern studio, such as a full-featured analog monitoring controller, three 6-channel dedicated artist cue sends, 8 stereo sources including an iPod dock right on the desk, 5 speaker outputs, talkback with multiple sources, engineer’s headphone section with multiple sources, 4 VU meters, 2 LED meter pairs, USB ports for portable drives and memory sticks, 5.1 surround monitoring, built in “Betty” laptop-style monitors, and more.

All the circuitry in the Raven X1 console was designed by master design engineer Tim Caswell, and therefore the signal path is made to pristine specs for the most critical audio work.


Seamlessly integrates the most essential components and functions of the modern studio
Increases efficiency and workflow by placing the DAW front and center

Clear Path™ pristine analog circuitry
All analog components selected for transparency and fast response circuitry

Full Monitor Control
the most feature-rich analog monitor controller
8 stereo source selections, including digital inputs and iPod
5 stereo speaker outputs, including studio and on-board laptop-style speakers
5.1 surround monitoring
Comprehensive source to output routing

iPod / iPhone Dock with AES digital output
Hear and play along with demos on your iPhone or iPod
Digitally stream iPhone / iPod content to your DAW
Eliminate cheap headphone jack converter loss
Capture ideas from your smartphone’s music creation apps in full digital quality for use in your productions
Hear your portable music library at full resolution

High-speed USB ports on console surface
Easy access to iLoks, flash drives, smart keys, and hard drives
Console-top location and under keyboard tray
iPad access/power

Three – My Mix™ 6-channel, stereo artist headphone cue mixers
Easily and instantly create three separate, multi-source, 6-channel headphone mixes for musicians in the studio
Route any monitor source to headphones within custom 6-channel mix
Replaces or works in concert with stand-alone cue mix systems
Artists can play along with multiple sources such as main mix, 2 track, and iPod / iPhone

iPad integration for Neyrinck V-Control Pro, tactile plugin control
iPad USB powerpoint on console front
Dedicated space on console for the smartest, most advanced plugin controller

Mix Focus™ Metering
Comprehensive VU and LED metering
LEDs scaleable to display 60dB range or only the critical last 10dB during mixdown mode

Auto Talk™ talkback mode
Talkback mic automatically turns on when playback stops for effortless, hands-free studio communication
Traditional talkback mode selectable
Talkback to cue, to studio, and to slate

Remote Talkback option
Activate the talkback mic from anywhere in the room with a small remote
Direct line of site not required

Engineer’s Headphone center
Powerful, on-board headphone amp with standard 1/4” jack and 1/8th” earbud jack

Built-in laptop style speakers for consumer playback reference

32 Channel, automated, touch-sensitive fader control surface
EuCon Protocol – the fastest, best integrated virtual DAW control system
100mm long-throw faders and 32 high resolution rotary encoders
Automation mode select, mute, and solo
Industry-standard Avid fader packs for performance, reliability and support

Outboard bays
Integrated rack bays for outboard gear, converters, interfaces, preamps…

Slate Digital Virtual Console Collection plugin included
Brings the sound of 5 legendary analog consoles to your DAW
Models all characteristics of both the channels and the analog summing
Eliminates the need for analog summing