The Nature’s Co. – The eco friendly, Peta friendly body care store

I didn’t know there were companies blossoming in India who practiced eco friendly, all natural and peta friendly standards. I was quite surprised to see this store in Pune, I couldn’t help but step in and buy something, just by principle.

The spokesperson was rather very helpful, she mentioned how the products were eco friendly and how the absence of chemicals make life better and blah blah. I went on and tried s few products,

The white peach body butter

I smelt this white peach body butter and I was instantly in love with this. It made my rough palm so soft, it made me want to … okay, let’s not go there.

Passion fruit – pineapple body mist

Next I wanted something that smelt good, something I could spay all over and make a rainfall of a heavenly smelling trance around me after my daily shower. The body mist (passion fruit and pineapple) was so yummy, I wanted to drink it!

Cons: Well, Every thing has its cons, these I would say could do with better packaging, the body mist when opened had a sticky moist matter on the cap which was not so loving to the beholder. Once, I take these for a spin, I can update on other things to criticize, but for now I think it was worth the 1500 INR spent.

Complementary spa!

I got a complementary spa coupon, I think this is pretty much of a marketing gimmick which would involve the use of facial products and then promoting / persuading the customer to buy it, still not bad.

I was also given a couple of freebies / sample products:

Barley Hair Cleanser

Tangerine Ginger bath salt