Sufyan Adli Supiani

Sidd Productions brings to you an amazing new talent from Singapore!
Sufyan is an award winning video producer, photographer, singer and editor.He has many accomplishments, runner up at the Film Fest by the New Paper.He is a SAE Certified Digital Film Producer and editor.


Born on 12 January 1977, Sufyan Adli Supiani discovered his passion for music and creative work since he was 5 years old when his dad, Supiani Sapari, converted one of the rooms of his home into a music room. Sufyan’s paternal uncle used the room space for musical practices of his band group performances. At that point of time, prior to having 3 sisters after him, being the only child, Sufyan was rather lonely. However, the musical companionship leads to appreciation and interest towards music.
Supiani Sapari had worked very long hours to make ends meet in order to send his son for basic to intermediate Electone Organ music lessons. Sufyan’s strength is Improvisation of music while his weakness is to sight read a musical score accurately. His creative mind often leads to an improvisation of a tune.