Using a single set of Keyboard, Mouse between PC and Mac

One Keyboard and Mouse to rule them all!

My workstation consists of a Custom build PC, around 20 total usb ports cumulative (Powered usb Hubs) to run Midi Controllers, Interface, et al.
I remember having to either connect them to via VNC Server – Host configuration via an ethernet cable for hopefully a low latency although that method of swiftly switching from controlling the Windows computer as a window extension the cursor when pulled down from the bottom of the windows screen, Which is positioned above the Mac Book Pro, appears on the mac and it just feels like an extended display which was for me a blessing!

No more Teamviewer or any other remote control solutions which also cause a big deal confusion with the Picture in Picture and it always ended with me spending most of my time trying to get a hang of using it, I did for a while but then I was bound to find a solution which would have a server – client setup via ethernet/wireless and would control only the mouse pointer and keyboard parameters and sync them with two cross-platform computers.

The software I found the most reliable from all the others I came across was Synergy by Symless.

This is my method to setup to get a very responsive feedback without latency. I would say its best if you have a workstation to connect the desktop to the mac via an ethernet cable, it provides a stable connectivity without drops and or lag due to interference with other magnetic fields.


Step 1: Download and Install Synergy in Windows and Mac from their website Linked Above.
Step 2: Choose which computer you want to be the host and which the client, I usually keep the desktop as the server as desktops don’t come with trackpads.
Step 3: Connect via Ethernet and get IP Configurations of both computers. (To get an IP of a computer in Mac go to terminal and enter “ifconfig” and fish out your IP.
Note that most of the times, if you just turn of wifi in both computers, then connect the ethernet cable, they will establish IP addresses in Windows go to the Command (ctrl + R) and type “ipconfig” and within the Ethernet adapter info you’ll see the IP. Make sure you’re taking the right IP addresses. If you’re connecting over wifi, you’ll need to get the Wifi adapter IP if via ethernet cable then the IPv4 address.

Once all in hand, start the server on the PC which is connected with a keyboard and mouse, following that launch synergy on the other computer make sure you select “client mode” on the computer which will be client.

Step 4: Click Apply on the Server end, it will now be waiting for connections.
Step 5: Click Start on the Client end, It will (if successful) minimise its window and now you can setup the configuration of the screen.
Mine’s as below as they are physically placed vertically one above the other:

That’s it, now you’re good to go! No more Separate mice and confusions and more music production and creativity.

Do buy the developers a beer to show support for this brilliant solution.