Noteworthy Artist : Feritta

Noteworthy Artist : Feritta

Award winning recording artist and model Feritta is pulling out all the stops in 2013! You’ll want to keep the link to this page bookmarked as Feritta launches new music, tour details, competitions, debuts her exciting new cookbook and her amazing jewelry line and t-shirt lines as well.

Feritta’s has twice won Best Female Solo Artist Australia in the International Music Aid Awards, has received two WAMi nominations and no less three nominations in the Bite My Music Global Awards (2012).

Feritta is proudly associated DRM Music Group in association with Don E Productions.

For bookings and press information kindly contact:

Don E Productions
Address: 1 Lincoln P , New York, NY 10023
Phone: 203-613-3950
Responsible Agent: Donnie Osborne
Direct Phone: (+1)203-613-3950

Manager: Sidd Productions