Neha Dhupa, Rocky S, Nachiket Barve at the Hard Rock Cafe

I was invited to the Fashion show/party at the hard rock cafe, Pune.
It was the best thing evar after Wyclef that happened to the Hard rock cafe Pune!
I remember people outside trying to buy my pass, the highest bid was 15000, lol.
I said no. There were super hot models, music, and every god damn thing was on the house!
Here’s some video footage, i know its not good footage, but that’s what i could get, what was awesome was that everyone at the event was being treated nicely, not like any other party where the bouncers bounce you around, this this I actually made friends with a few of them!

Okay, here’s my view on this event:

Camera footage? I see the man with the famous canon bag, I start a convo, and i get to know he’s using a 1000d for the event, WTF?
The Ramp: They should have come up with something better!
Food: Starters were being server round the event, though the service was not up to mark.
People: Being a private Invite only party, the crowd was all great. Non dumb drunk folks just cause the bar was free.

Great event, thank you Seagrams!