My strange relation with coffee

Its 3 in the night, and some blues is playing in my headphones and I get up, grab the hand blender, milk, the ready mix powder of vanilla flavored latte, put extra 3 over the top spoons of coffee, Australian honey, no sugar, blend, put some more coffee on the top just as a finishing touch and the next 4 hours are a Chinese traffic full of thoughts and executions!
Pretty awesome tasting
My relation with coffee has always been peculiar, I’ve always had better thinking, better perspective over things in my life with some caffeine in the system, but I haven’t really been able to keep it in my daily schedule. Every time I have it, I notice that I do much better in everything after, and I should have it daily and the next day, I either forget or I’m too lazy to make one for myself. I like my coffee strong, I’ve always loved having the doppio right before business meetings and dates, It kind of puts an enhancing charm on me. At rare times though, the coffee just wasn’t right, made me feel nauseous and gave massive head aches. So, I’ve moved to the slightly less potent coffee, but i prefer coffee made myself at all times. I’ve done many experiments with ingredients and very times, I’ve come up with some amazing tasting coffee. What I made today was nothing out of the box, tasted just like a latte but it packed a nice punch, got me going pretty well! As I write this, I’m also working on a track edit, replying to business emails, working on photoshop of a product image and more!
I just hope, tomorrow I don’t forget to start off with this amazing drug!