My Pune to Mumbai 2 night trip : All on video

I woke up this one morning and just decided out of a sudden, I’m going mumbai with the fam.
So, i had to leave aside so much work, so much many things!

Here are the things i did, in a 4 part Video VLOG:

May 22nd, I wake up and i take a hasty decision of going to mumbai with my cuz and the fam as she has her USA student Visa application in…
Part 2:

In This part, I wake up early, where i sleep late as well and i go out on a walk just for fun.
I see things, things that hurt me a little was the garbage and the stink, ugh!
Traffic was still crazy,
Part 3:

discuss a little about the people of Mumbai, the girls in mumbai.
Then i find a shop open, i buy frooti, parle …
Part 4:

Here, i discuss the imbalance between the rich and poor.
There are huge high quality star buildings and there are old broken down stuff.
THen i spend time with my little cuz stasha, she’s the cutest little girl ever!
I check out her room, and then she zips me inside!

Then i get off to sleep, and i wake up unhappy, very unhappy.
I missed the workstation, and i buyb me a apple keyboard…
Oh so soft, oh so sweet!

Then dinner at a hotel, Indian food Spicy! Ugh i hate spicy food.
Then i do a long walk at night, then i try out the ke…