Matt Heart and Sidd Productions

We are coming soon and we’re hitting it hard!

Matt Heart and Sidd Productions are now in collaboration and soon, a new album will be launched.
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Artist Information:

Mat Heart:

Hollywood CA,

Matt Heart
Does many things so well – from singing to dancing to acting to composing- that one sometimes wonders whether this pop prodigy has found a successful formula for cloning.

But of the many entertainment media in which he functions, none is more convincing than of his accomplishments.
On February 11th 2006
Matt won the Best Alternative Performer award at the
Los Angeles BMA’S (Black Music Awards)

Is a singer, songwriter and producer. He has been singing since he was 5yrs old and has been writing and recording music since he was 14yrs old. He had a semi-successful single \”Just Ain’t Missin U\” at 15yrs old. That was played on a few of the radio stations in his home town and sold over 2000 copies locally. He is a self-taught keyboard player. He also writes children’s books under a fictitious name. He wrote two songs for the 2002 release of the movie \”Spiderman\”. Marvel had asked Matt to come to New York to meet with them. While there he was asked to write a song for \”Hulk\”, \”Punisher\” and \” Daredevil\” Movies. He received a letter of overwhelming thanks and praise for the work he did. On opening day of the \”Spiderman\” movie, Matt sat in the parking lot of a local theater and sold over 500 copies of his \”I’m Spiderman\” single. To date,Matt has sold thousands of copies of his songs on the world famous auction house EBAY and has been successfully downloaded over 1,000,000 times.

Matt Heart:

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