Making a Raaga track for upcoming album

16, Jan, 2014 was the first day we came up with something that we like. It all started when Vaibhav – A dedicated student of mine who is now working with me on an album.

We started the day with a typical house track but I just wasn’t feeling it, that’s when I though, Why not use Vaibhav’s amazing Indian Classical Raga in a soothing, meditation, healing track?

That’s exactly what we did and its 1:30 am now and we feel good about what we have achieved so far, the start instrument of the song is the mesmerizing voice of Vaibhav. I used some samples I had recorded in Australia, Singapore and made a very soothing drum kit, church bells, guitar and many others.

No mixing, or advance sound design has been done yet, I’m looking forward to the next session tomorrow, where we will do mults, EQ pocketing, a bit of compression and other signal processing to make the track shine.

What’s new in this track is that, we will be using subtle binaural beats, an experiment of Indian classical and binaural beats. The aim of the track is to relax the help the listener to reduce stress, anxiety, depression and other stress related issues.

We would be then doing extensive research on the people of India and monitor them using Biofield Reader, where we would compare before and after effects.

I’m very stoked about this!

Good night!

Sidd Scindia is an Audio Engineer, Video Producer, Music Producer, Graphic, Web Designer, SEO, SMO professional currently moved to India from Singapore.