Little Jinder – “Youth Blood” (12th Planet & Flinch Remix) Song Analysis

Youth Blood - Song Analysis

Little Jinder – Youth Blood – 12th Planet and Flinch Remix

Little Jinder – ” Youth Blood ” – 12th Planet and Flinch Remix

Released by: Ministry of Sound
Genre: Dubstep
Release Date: 2009

AC Slater (DJ/Producer) – “Huge release. The 12th Planet Remix is my biggest tune of 2009.”
Sound Cloud Plays – 8,731 and counting
Sound Cloud Hearts – 162 and counting

Youth Blood, released in 2009 was loved by many and the smash disco house anthem was given a new treatment in the 12th Planet and Flinch Remix.

Song Analysis

Spectral Image of the song. 0:00 to 0:26

Spectral Image of the audio from 0:00 to 0:26 Minutes.

Song Introduction:

This strophic form song has a recurring rise and fall theme contributing to the contrast in its sonic foundation, it
begins with synths and some pitch varied toms. (The intro incorporates the use of an ostinato and then changes slightly)
The kick overpowers the synth (pad) via a sidechained compressor effect. (The intro is a mix between the genres of Trance and House groove.

The use of strategic silence, which gives you a pull back feel (feeling of a ray light getting brighter slowly) followed with the vocals –
“I use my youth blood to get through the night”
A minimalist approach with the rule of “less is more” is at work here, (emphasizing the lyrics.)

The vocals are interesting, with minimal effects and being over the mix, it grabs attention, with some delay, reverb, and stereo widening.

  • Delay effect on the “Fun”
  • Some delay, reverb on the vocals, with some modulations.
Spectrum image of audio from 00:26 to 00:28 Seconds

Spectrum image of audio from 00:26 to 00:28 Seconds


DROP happens at about 00:56 with some steep pitch modulated, stereo widened bass which gives the sound an interesting feel of being “Big”, (using the rise and fall theme here).

1:25 – A a big pause on the build up here giving us a hint of the climax later in this song), the vocal sneaks in again,
with some stutter, cuts and loops in the vocal bits.

1:38 – The bass goes full on, With a chord progression (Shirley can identify the notes..)

1:51 – The song is glued with the synth lead with some fast tremolo.

The melody in the song is the same throughout and changes slightly yet noticibly during the verse breaking the monotony, the bass drops and the the pitch slopes create interest in the mix.

(The climax of this track starts at 2.19 upto 2.33. It may be short as to what one would expect but it does not hold back in the much needed drama brought by a climax in a song)

2:30 –  The toms function like glue bringing in fluidity to the mix.

Loops of “I’m a vampire” are audible and the synth and the bass are prominent with some verse with a synth followed with the bass .

3:32 – Delay, and stereo automated panning.

The Drums:
Kick, snare, toms, misc.

The Arrangement:

Intro – chorus ×2 – (music) – variation – (music) – Verse – climax – chorus – (music) – bridge – (music) – ending(has an ending section leading to an end) on the synth lead tremolo


This is a post written in collaboration with Ms.Shirley Manuel who is a renowned music trainer for guitar, piano and vocals from Pune, India.
We spent days analyzing the remix by 12th Planet and Flinch of the Scandanavian vampire Little Jinder. Since its release in 2009, the track “Youthblood” has been going wild in the public and then to add to the fire, the remix fed more blood to the thirst of the vampire.


About the Guest Writer:

Guest Writer : Shirley Manuel

Guest Writer : Shirley Manuel

 Shirley Manuel  is a Pianist, Guitarist, Keyboardist, Artist and Western Music teacher, an Associate of the Trinity College, London (Piano).
Shirley set her hands on the Piano at the age of 5 and has since then ventured into Indian classical singing, guitar.
She is the Assistant Director at the Rebecca Music Academy providing training in Classical Singing, Piano, Guitar for     more than 10 years.
She frequently performs live at various events in Pune, India. Having being in The Poona Musical Choir and The Bel Canto Choir, her knowledge in music is vast. She aces in unique incorporation of her musical experience with event management and executing successful events in Pune, India.
She currently is pursuing her Licentiate diploma in Piano from the Trinity College, London.
Watch out for her featured release : ” Namah Parammangala ” – A Religious CD / DVD.
She aims to bring the best of music out of each individual, “Music must be enjoyed and Loved not forced”.