Is International artist promotion in India effective or useless?

Since the early days, artists have been seeking various ways to promote their art. What we all have known and seen areĀ billboards – the Huge ones, the small ones, radio, word of mouth, street performances and many more.

Art is something which can be promoted well only artistically. Many artists have chosen strange and weird ways to get their artĀ publicized to get their name known.

You might wonder why I chose tonight to discuss on the advantages and disadvantages of an international musician in India.

For starters:

1: Population

2: Poverty

3: Gossipy Nature

4: Indian mind-set towards Foreigners.


When all of these factors come into proper placement, what can come out of this is the biggest ever publication promotion phenomenon the world has ever seen.

With the power of the people in the country, an artist can be based in any country any where in the whole world and when the adcanced techniques that i imply, the artist will be known to the each and every single person on earth.

This promotion would not only be effeective in india, which is the main objective of the mission.
When you go to any social or any other website on the internet, you see people, and there will always be many indians involved in an conversation,

and with the ever growing oppulation and the education of the people , each indian will beb knowing to oprate the computer in a few years. then the internet world will bepopulated mostly by indians.

Thus when an artist’s promotion base camp is set in india, the artists’s spectrum will be wider thean ever.