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Updated on November 5, 2014.

I received a call from them, Finally. It seemed to be a technical issue with their online system. The return of the JBL monitors was made and I got the Rokit 5, which was delivered in 2 days. They have cleaned up their mess and I have forgiven them.


Updates: 25/10/14:

I still have yet to receive a reply to my calls and emails to both their contact form and via email.
Their facebook page shows another unhappy review, screenshot below. My next move is to report them and file a case via the cyber crime india, let’s see how that goes!



On the 10/10/14, I bought a pair of studio monitors from bajaao.com which claims to be the oldest functioning e-commerce company in India.
Their product showcase and prices were on par with or slightly lesser than Snapdeal, Amazon.in, et al. At first the website gives off a slightly phishy vibe, but after looking at their product list, page rank and testimonials (which probably are fake), I decided to buy a set of JBLs. The website states free returns within 14 days, where they take care of return shipping charges for the same.

After reading these, I felt a somewhat assured about the safety and I went ahead and made the payment via my card and almost instantly I received a call by their support centre from the number 1-800-200-6930 and a executive asked me when I would be doing the payment which was already done. After what he called as “System Delay”, the conversation was over. Knowing that they accept returns, I went with  JBLs monitors and would return them if they didn’t go well with my studio acoustics / ears for another brand which I was also interested in.

Two days after the speakers were delivered, I decided to return them and order the KRKs, this is where the whole thing goes downhill.
Upon calling the toll free number, an automated female voice asks me if I’m an existing customer, then I punch in for assistance with buying products. I am put on hold and a voice tells me that all the customer representatives were busy and I would get a call back within 24 hours.

I wait for a day and I do not get a call back, I call the next day multiple times just to get the same answering machine giving me a fake assurance every time. I send them an email from the online contact form, to which I get a email receipt confirmation and a reply confirmation within 24 hours from their end. 4 days and counting, I still haven’t received an email nor a call back from their end.


As seen above in the screen shot of their footer, they claim free returns within 14 days, they probably just avoid all incoming calls and emails altogether. Their facebook page has daily updates, this just makes me furious. The last post was 5 hours before I made this post.


Here’s the post where I actually raised my issue on their post comment section, which is visible to everyone, the comment on this post was deleted, somehow they kept my screenshot of their website when it was down. I urge you all to tread carefully when on this website, I received the monitors I ordered. This time it was no post sales support, the next time they would simply take the money and run.



Consumercomplaint.in has numerous bad experiences with this company, such as this and here.

This is by far the worst online experience I have ever faced in my life. I’ve fallen prey to India’s oldest running fraudulent e-commerce company and I want to raise awareness so that others don’t get ripped off their money, like I was. I guess India just has to wait for a better Pro Audio Technology and Music Instrument e-store.


If you have faced a similar or worse experience with any other e-commerce company in India, please write your experiences in the comments, we can help others by creating awareness.

Sidd Scindia.

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