Fedex International Priority Shipping to Pune

I was recently in urgent need of a product which i bought from Croatia and I needed the delivery to my place in Pune in not more than 3-4 days.
There was not much on google to research on international priority shipments to India, let aside Pune.

So I didn’t really have a choice, paid the USD 75 and hoped for the best. The seller notified me that the shipment was picked up and the tracking number was provided, which would show results after a few hours.

I visited the tracking page at fedex and the tracking result shocked me.

The Estimate Delivery showed April 5, which is 10 days! I sent emails to the seller, the fedex customer service both in India and Croatia.  I had to call the customer service in India to inquire more. I was assured that the system sometimes has little bugs which shows improper dates and that I’d get the shipment on time in 3 days. This was a bit relieving but I still had a bit of doubt inside.

Finally the tracking info showed that the shipment was available for clearance! It reached me in 5 days, which is great! They don’t include holidays in the 3 days shipping so I got the shipment on time. The amazing thing is, I got the delivery on the Indo-Pak Match day!

I must say, the fastest International shipping service to Pune / India is Fedex. They do have little glitches once in a while but they get the job done!