Elevator Ethics. Singapore vs India

┬áToday being bored at home, I decided to go to a shopping mall called “Phonix” in Pune, India. Traffic as usual made the trip a rather boring one, we park the car with no parking assistant whatsoever, cars were parked on the drive through as well, I’m talking about the circular route leading to different levels of the parking building. So getting through was a difficult task.

We arrive at the elevators, as being used to the Singapore way, I gave way to the people inside the elevator so they could get out but it seemed as if i was doing something wrong based on the looks i was getting. Everyone was pretty much forcing themselves inside while the one’s inside who wanted to get out were struggling to get themselves out. There were no respect to the que system at all, a person stepped right ahead of me whilst shrugging me against the shoulder as if nothing had happened, I guess the people are pretty much used to being pushy so much that they won’t notice being shrugged.

This is one of the things I miss about Singapore, people are respectful for each other and patient, here is everything otherwise!