1 month training on Electronic Music Production in Pune

Update on June – 02 – 2014 – 2 Slots Left.
The course has now been enhanced with in depth research in binaural beats, sound for games, films, mobile apps. Analog gear and its characteristics and nuts and bolts are added.
At the end of the Production Course, the student who achieves 85% or above is eligible to obtain a certificate.

Ableton Live 9 is discussed in detail with the new tools, instruments, audio effects and more. Music business is a very important factor in an electronic musicians career, a Week is focused on helping the students get there music out there, heard and reach the starts and beyond.

Update on Jan – 13 – 2014 – Admissions are currently open, apply via the contact me page.

That’s right, since I’ve been back from Singapore, I’ve been busy with handling all the requisites and formalities, but that’s when I remembered when I first trained a few students on Fruity loops in Pune when there was no training of any sorts available in Pune.
Why not start again for the next 2 months, for that’s how long I’m going to be in Pune, if all goes well with the new zealand visa.
Below is the training schedule:

Software: Ableton Live 8 / 9





Ableton Live Overview

Arrangement Mode View
, Session Mode View, Recording tracks/clips in Arrangement & Session Mode, Triggering of clips.

Ableton Live 8 / 9, Headphones / Monitors / BCF 2000 Midi Controller


 Audio/MIDI clip parameters, Time warp, Global record/automation, Control surface mapping, External instruments

M Audio key rig 49,

Korg Nano Pad


 Rewire implemented

MIDI editing functions in Ableton Live
, Overview of Ableton Live audio & MIDI plug-ins. Operator soft synth, 


Samson G Track USB Condenser Microphone


Creating song arrangement in Ableton Live,

 Mixing in Ableton Live,

Exporting your mix

If you’re interested, do not hesitate to contact us at This Page.

I will be having limited number of seats due to time constrains, and I can accept a few more until the seats are full.