Chris Brown-Look at me now, Britney Spears – Big Fat Bass, Nicki Minaj – Superbass, Martin Solveig & Dragonette -Hello … My little 10 year old cuz dancing to the songs he’s never even heard before!



He has never before heard any of these songs, “yeah that’s India!”

I present to you, Sai Phadtare My lil gangsta cuz!
Oh you better watch you girls, he’s gangsta!
This was a day well spent!

What’s crazy is he’s never heard any of these songs before, he just freestyled it!

It is w w w. s i d d. b i z

We’re going to be doing more amazing stuff and me and @mattheart will be working non distantly!
Just for fun! || Straight out of the 550d, 18-55, IS on || No color grading.

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This video was made in Pune, India.