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Kick EQing in Digital Performer by Randy Hoexter

Atlanta Institute of Music recording instructor Randy Hoexter teaches us how to effectively isolate and remove unwanted tones from a prerecorded kick drum audio track. Using subtractive EQ concepts, Randy shows us how to quickly and easily reveal the true fundamental sound of the kick drum in our recordings

SSL live console: The C100

The video in this post shows video testimonials of Howard Baggley – Freelance audio mixer (Canadian broadcasting group), Michael Giacalone of Comcast sports and Steven Watson of the food network. The three audio engineers explain the advantages of the c100 and the pros/cons.

Neha Dhupa, Rocky S, Nachiket Barve at the Hard Rock Cafe

I was invited to the Fashion show/party at the hard rock cafe, Pune. It was the best thing evar after Wyclef that happened to the Hard rock cafe Pune! I remember people outside trying to buy my pass, the highest bid was 15000, lol. I said no. There were super hot models, music, and every […]

Rebecca Black – Friday Indian Version

and you thought it could not get any worse. We did not plan any of this, we were just sitting, chilling and all of a sudden, RonnydaRappa starts singing! The world is still not a better place to live in. Ketan get his @ss kicked in the end In Video: Rohan Gitay : @rahangitay Ketan […]