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Is International artist promotion in India effective or useless?

Since the early days, artists have been seeking various ways to promote their art. What we all have known and seen areĀ billboards – the Huge ones, the small ones, radio, word of mouth, street performances and many more. Art is something which can be promoted well only artistically. Many artists have chosen strange and weird […]

Chris Brown-Look at me now, Britney Spears – Big Fat Bass, Nicki Minaj – Superbass, Martin Solveig & Dragonette -Hello … My little 10 year old cuz dancing to the songs he’s never even heard before!

    He has never before heard any of these songs, “yeah that’s India!” I present to you, Sai Phadtare My lil gangsta cuz! Oh you better watch you girls, he’s gangsta! This was a day well spent! What’s crazy is he’s never heard any of these songs before, he just freestyled it! It is […]

Calling New Artists Worldwide!

If you think you are good at anything in life, quick go ahead to the contact form and write to me. We are going to make something super awesome! Here’s how you can contact us: 1: Contact Page 2: Twitter: @fiazio 3: Gmail: fiaziorocks{}{}atherate{}{}gmail}{}dot[]com — in order to avoid spam. 4: Facebook: 5: Shout your […]

Matt Heart and Sidd Productions

We are coming soon and we’re hitting it hard! Matt Heart and Sidd Productions are now in collaboration and soon, a new album will be launched. Subscribe to keep yourself updated for way too many giveaways and free CDS! To get the latest updates and exciting promotional stuff… SUBSCRIBE NOW Artist Information: Mat Heart: Hollywood […]