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Little Jinder – “Youth Blood” (12th Planet & Flinch Remix) Song Analysis

Little Jinder – ” Youth Blood ” – 12th Planet and Flinch Remix Released by: Ministry of Sound Genre: Dubstep Release Date: 2009 AC Slater (DJ/Producer) – “Huge release. The 12th Planet Remix is my biggest tune of 2009.” Sound Cloud Plays – 8,731 and counting Sound Cloud Hearts – 162 and counting Youth Blood, […]

Aquila – Fiazio Work in Progress

Your views are highly appreciated! A track in the making. EMP: Sidd Composing : Shirley Manuel. This is a track in the making. Seeking for: 1: Rappers. 2: Beat Boxers. 3: Saxophonists. 4: Dub Masters.

The hard to find EOS Utility Software. Canon Solution Disk. Mac and Windows

I was shocked one time at a shoot when I needed a preview and control on a hd screen, but I didn’t have the EOS utility software installed on my mac and to my worst luck, i couldn’t find any link online. Hence, I upload this for the one’s who might find themselves in the […]

Is International artist promotion in India effective or useless?

Since the early days, artists have been seeking various ways to promote their art. What we all have known and seen areĀ billboards – the Huge ones, the small ones, radio, word of mouth, street performances and many more. Art is something which can be promoted well only artistically. Many artists have chosen strange and weird […]