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A work in progress update

This is a song in progress, I did most of this on my flight back to india from singapore. You’re insights are welcome !

Air Indigo – The night I almost lost my camera.

It was just another flight from Singapore to Mumbai, I was aboard flight 6E 52. Being a budget flight, I knew what I should expect, hence I had a nice lunch before getting in as the one’s they provide in flight are not what I would ever eat. I can’t eat spicy or even moderate […]

Is International artist promotion in India effective or useless?

Since the early days, artists have been seeking various ways to promote their art. What we all have known and seen areĀ billboards – the Huge ones, the small ones, radio, word of mouth, street performances and many more. Art is something which can be promoted well only artistically. Many artists have chosen strange and weird […]

Zing Zing What the! Morning Voice Cast!

ZZiing Zing Wha! this Saturday morning by fiazio This voice cast was stopped abruptly as i got a call from my designer head over at the dress up india company. She’s updating me on the crazyness and un-professionalism that’s been going on. But she is a perfectionist at what she does. Well, I’m glad i […]

Death by Indian Food!

No, nobody has died by eating indian food. My throat has gone bad! ARGH, this is an voice update. Good morning everyone! Comments, insights and everything else updated. Right here from Pune CIty india, I’m SIdd Scindia! that would probably be my main line! lol