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A work in progress update

This is a song in progress, I did most of this on my flight back to india from singapore. You’re insights are welcome !

Long exposure Photography with the Led Lenser P3

So, we were chilling on the terrace and we thought, what better way to spend time than to play with the cool torch light and the nikon d3100 with the 18-55 kit lens. Here’s what we got Yatin: Me with the torch:

Rebecca Black – Friday Indian Version

and you thought it could not get any worse. We did not plan any of this, we were just sitting, chilling and all of a sudden, RonnydaRappa starts singing! The world is still not a better place to live in. Ketan get his @ss kicked in the end In Video: Rohan Gitay : @rahangitay Ketan […]

Ek don teen chaar!

Just for fun, we wanted an Indian funny, super funny (Marathi) version of the song “One Two Three – (Calle Oche)” by pitbull. This is the audio, video will come soon! One two three (Calle Ocho) – Marathi Version Demo by fiazio Lyrics: One two three four … Ek, Don, Teen, Chaar Mala tu Paije, […]

Unplanned visit to Mumbai, Tweetups, Maharaja Macs and more

Hey people, I’m back with a new vlog and this one is a combination of the May 22, 23, 24 th of May! I woke up and simply my uncle asked whether i would like to join them, and even though i had so much incomplete work, I said YES, it was a relief from […]