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GRE – I want to remove you from the education system.

Heated forehead, lying upside down twisted on the bed as I try to make sense of the questions in the GRE qualitative or quantitative stuff. To be honest, all of these questions are worthless. I have studied for the last 17 years in the strict Indian schools where punishments are heart wrenching and the hours […]

Scarlett red finally

Oh my god this is a beast. I I am looking forward to recording at 4k

Crazy Sidd juice.

I want to share the recipe. So here it comes. First put some butter (3 spoons) add 10ml Water and heat it till it aromates. 2:Add orange syrup and Australian bee honey. 2/4 (orange Strup) Honey (as much as you like) Heat again (3 Minutes) 3: Squeeze lemon > Fill up the glass 4: Heat […]

The Nature’s Co. – The eco friendly, Peta friendly body care store

I didn’t know there were companies blossoming in India who practiced eco friendly, all natural and peta friendly standards. I was quite surprised to see this store in Pune, I couldn’t help but step in and buy something, just by principle. The spokesperson was rather very helpful, she mentioned how the products were eco friendly […]

Elevator Ethics. Singapore vs India

┬áToday being bored at home, I decided to go to a shopping mall called “Phonix” in Pune, India. Traffic as usual made the trip a rather boring one, we park the car with no parking assistant whatsoever, cars were parked on the drive through as well, I’m talking about the circular route leading to different […]