Apple iPad iOS 7

So it’s finally here India!
The iPhone 5 got its update downloaded and installed fairly quick.

Although for the iPad, it took almost 5 resets and my Internet has no downtime in that time frame.
It did happen though, I really like the new features.

Above pages appear after updating. Touching the same leads to the update completion message page.

After touching the screen, the location services screen comes up, this asks us to either enable or disable location services which use gps and track location information.
Then next screen asks user Id and password of your apple/icloud account.

Next is a screen asking which email Id to use for the messenger service.

The find my iPad screen is shown after this.

An added feature, apple now asks the users to set a pin code for privacy.
Although this can be skipped using the ‘don’t add passcode’ link found at the bottom of the page.

Welcome screen greets you later.

Spotlight is now turned into something else.
Swiping down from any application brings down the spot light.

So when we pull down the spot light, this is what it looks like:

What we have in here is the calendar, I think this is a very handy feature.
A tab on the top helps you switch from calendar to the app notifications and a tab for missed entities.

Now let’s swipe from bottom to top:

Here we have the music player on the left hand side beneath which is the volume fader.
There are 5 circles in the middle each controlling different parameters such as flight mode, wifi (on/off), bluetooth, do not disturb more and a screen orientation lock key.
OnĀ  the right there’s a timer /stopwatch /alarm/world clock.
Next to which is the camera key, this would make taking pictures what that photo frame in your hand very easy!

Double tap the home button and you get this:


Slide an app preview up to close that app.
Fonts changed.
The four finger gestures are still same. Except when you do four fingers up the screen, the new multi task preview windows comes up.


Posted from a mobile device.