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Ek don teen chaar!

Just for fun, we wanted an Indian funny, super funny (Marathi) version of the song "One Two Three - (Calle Oche)" by pitbull.…
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My Pune to Mumbai 2 night trip : All on video

I woke up this one morning and just decided out of a sudden, I'm going mumbai with the fam. So, i had to…
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A girl Slapped me! lol

No, no girl slapped this is just that a vlog for the day! Check it out... http://qik.com/video/40267353 Meeting with Kish http://qik.com/video/40267922 another: http://qik.com/video/40267953
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Death by Indian Food!

No, nobody has died by eating indian food. My throat has gone bad! ARGH, this is an voice update. Good morning everyone! [soundcloud…
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Chris Brown-Look at me now, Britney Spears – Big Fat Bass, Nicki Minaj – Superbass, Martin Solveig & Dragonette -Hello … My little 10 year old cuz dancing to the songs he’s never even heard before!

    He has never before heard any of these songs, "yeah that's India!" I present to you, Sai Phadtare My lil gangsta…
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