Life on a Roller Coaster and I’m loving it.

Every where I look, every breath, every bite is filled with the thrill of life as it should be. I say bring it on to the anxieties, the uncertainties, the risks and the challenges that life is throwing at me every single day. Just as i wanted it to be, my dynamic life is great, maybe I write that to assure myself that everything is alright and there is no need to worry. Deadlines, Projections, goals, failures, successes all are a part of life and I would chose a life full of uncertainties any time over a dull, boring and the much overrated safe life.

Everything is great, some of us have an heightened sensitivity to everything around us. Its a blessing and a curse, I guess that’s the Yin and Yang at play in here, one can’t survive without the other. So I will embrace everything that is thrown at me.

Everything that you’re for empowers you, everything that you’re against weakens you.

I turn to the higher part of myself and ask for guidance. Its beautiful how you can feel the universe work for you, things just happen right as they fall into the perfect crevices as if it were part of a highly orchestrated play. No matter what you do, things may go wrong or right, but its all just what’s to be. There are no accidents, we are divine beings and that thing that divine that flows through all of us, we’re one, with this oneness, feel the energy flow through you, it flows through almost everything in the universe. Let’s appreciate everything we come across, our eyes, legs, ears, liver, let’s just feel it, its yours, its been a part of you since your birth, you have transformed from something so small into what you are now.

When you seek happiness for others, you will find it yourself. Let’s talk, let’s be open, when you lock in feelings it will get worse. Open up, it will help you get free from the stress. I want to get back to nature, I want to walk bear foot on the beach, feel the sand in between my toe fingers, feel the breeze, hear the amazing orchestra heavenly of the beach, better than any surround sound ever made. I want my higher self to experience peace and harmony, no more stress as in my world nothing ever goes wrong. Everything has a lesson to it and i will witness it and I will understand and learn from it for its all in order.

I recently observed, that giving myself a moment of silence makes a great positive change in everything about me. We give a moment of silence to others, but when do we give that to ourselves? Our soul craves it.

Life’s changed a lot for me  since the last few months. I’ve come to a spiritual relation with sound, music, visual arts and creativity. Its been quite a nice ride so far, and now I’m going to make it crazier, better, awesomer. Its been a while since I’ve written about life, somehow i got carried away and gave more importance to things which don’t really matter that much in reality.

Today, I was on the day 1 of the shoot for a Project which was disappointing, even after some intensive pre production, I wasn’t able to get what i wanted, maybe it came 85 percent close as per footage but that’s not what i can settle for. So we go again tomorrow and then again until we get nothing but the best.

It was fun setting up out mobile studio.
I got a Targus DC to AC 220-240 Volt, 200 Watt converter, attached the receiver of a wireless lavalier microphone to it, connected the output to the mac and let the audio run while i shot the video and later sync the audio with the video. This helped the team crunch the budget down my 85%.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow, Its 3:20 am and i’m working on a mix right now.

Thanks for stopping by, hopefully i get better at doing this with time.

Cheers and good night!

Spontaneous, glorious.

Today has been great, the start has been somewhat boring and unmotivating. But post the coffee, ideas started flourishing and things just started happening, by that I mean my focus to detail developed and just like that what seemed like 5 minutes was 7 hours.
I’m happy with how far I have come and I look forward to more avenues in the future.


Taking things one at a time has been so fruitful to me, I’m going to keep it that way.
Today I worked on SEO, article posting, wordpress design for an educational institution and meetings.

Day has been nice and sweet. I hope my readers have had a great day as well.

Happy Tuesday to all!
Here’s a quote :

“Everything should be as simple as it is, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

Posted from a mobile device.

My Silver Fern !

Its the April 29, 2013 and the clock’s at 3 AM. I’ve been up all night, I’ve filled up all the required details in the application form a week prior to submission because I know that on the application day, there would be no more than 10 minutes until all the positions are filled up and gone.
I set up a timer on my phone, I place widgets on the home screen of my phone, sticky notes on my mac and alarms with reminders a day before, on the day, 6 hours before and so on.
Today, my sweet friend is in pain, she believes she has the kidney stone, I buy her a herbal medication and a multi-vitamin and print a sheet guiding the steps to reduce pain. She looked like she needed a hug, that smiling face was now crying with pain, if only I could help with anything to get that pain off her. We went to a hospital to get an injection for her pain and we’re back, but the pain still exists. I try my best to help reduce the pain, things like heated ice pads (Why on earth would i heat an ice pad), so i heated a bottle in a bowl and a napkin in boiling water and that some what worked. I dropped her at our friends place and I really hope that she’s fine now, I can’t see her in pain!

Came back home, now I have 3 more hours till the gates open for the lucky 300 people who would get in and successfully acquire the Silver Fern Visa – A Work Search Visa which allows a person to visit the New Zealand in search for a job, and if he/she gets it, he gets 2 more years and so on. I’m interested in New Zealand, the pictures my parents brought back from their trip were ecstatic! So, here I am trying to access the page, I remember earlier I had entered a wrong password 3 times which resulted in my account being locked for 8 hours. I made sure I had the right credentials, I logged in, happy me but to my surprise, the link wasn’t working!
Disappointed I called up the helpline which opens luckily at 9 am, and after waiting for about what felt like half an hour, I got through with a wonderful person. I guess my soft skills worked here, as I was being advised to open a new account and re do everything from the start. I pleaded, and i was put on hold for a while and then all i had to do was click on another link which claimed to do the same and voila!

Now, there’s the server overload, the page returns with errors and I’m refreshing and refreshing!  Then yes, the page comes up, I click on continue, then again the page returns dead, then i refresh, I go back I refresh, Page loads, I click on next. The next thing i remember Is a payment dialogue opening up, quickly I grab the credit card and enter the information and bang! I thought It wasn’t done, was it just luck or was it coincidence?

No, I believe, doing good work gets your good stuff in return! So, after i submit my documents, I’ll be in the New Zealand searching for employment and living awesome life! Get well soon dear friend, you’re my lucky charm!

Featured at the School of Audio Engineering!


I’m very happy to be on the School Of Audio Engineer’s Alumni News section. The School has been very kind and generous to me, it has given me many experiences in life and I’d like to thank the teachers for being so awesome.
I miss the AWS 924 the most, If only I could sneak that thing in my backpack and fly it back home, if only!